ACL Injuries: Avoidable?

Approximately 1 in every 3000 people experience an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, with women being roughly 3 times more likely than men to suffer. It is also more common in contact ball sports, those who are less fit and have not adequately trained for the demands of their sport. Half to two-thirds of ACL … Continue reading ACL Injuries: Avoidable?

How to Incorporate Strength Training into Your Routine

Tom Whitaker, Strength & Conditioning Coach at Pyramid Performance & Health, talks you through why strength training is the biggest piece of the training puzzle you're missing, his top tips for integrating strength training into your routine, and what to look for in an effective programme. Strength training is one of the most effective additions … Continue reading How to Incorporate Strength Training into Your Routine

Sleeping Clean – Importance & Recommendations

With the stress of lockdown and being told to stay at home, it could be very easy to fall into a trap that isn’t conducive of effective sleep. To get the most out of your sleep, you need to have good “sleep hygiene” in order to stay healthy through this period. Here are two major … Continue reading Sleeping Clean – Importance & Recommendations