This is not bootcamp, but a chance to increase strength, flexibility and movement control following our key principles and training methods at Pyramid Performance & Health, incorporating elements of strength, circuit and interval training. Challenge and push yourself as far as you are comfortable with in a motivating small group environment, with specialist fitness coaches capable of tweaking sessions to fit your needs.

Current Weekly Timetable


Private Sessions


19:15 – 20:00 – Team Training (contact for info)


Private Sessions


19:15 – 20:00 – Strength & Conditioning


Private Sessions

Strength & Conditioning – Gym-based

Coached strength and conditioning sessions with up to 6 places for those looking to increase strength, reduce body fat and optimise movement through focused training. Expect to use a variety of specialist pieces of equipment ranging from weights to resistance bands and medicine balls.

Social distancing is followed, with each participant provided with an individual work space. Coached Strength & Conditioning is open to all ability levels and exercise backgrounds. Each session is carefully programmed to allow flexibility and accommodate individual needs where necessary. Ages 16+