Before starting working out with Ryan Spencer I was at 0 pull ups, 40 crunches in 2 minutes, and a mile and a half run was in 18:30. After just a few months of working with him I am currently at 7 and a half pull ups, 74 crunches in 2 minutes, and dropped 6 minutes off my run time. Ryan will show you how to properly get stronger through a thoroughly developed individualized plan which targets the areas you want to strengthen the most while at the same time making the rest of your body stronger as well.

Yousaf Khan – US Marine Corps

Working with Ryan was a great experience. He helped me develop and improve my training habits tremendously. What Ryan has taught I’ve been able to carry over into my development as a professional athlete. His method of training focuses on the fundamental aspects while not compromising form and technique.

Derrick Mathews – Professional NFL (American Football)

Ryan played a major part in my return to basketball. If it wasn’t for Ryan helping me everyday within my journey, it would have been really tough for me.

In 2014 I tore my left ACL and in 2016 I tore my right ACL. I’m a professional women’s basketball player, returning to playing overseas in 2017. Ryan has given me the tools to now prevent any forthcoming injuries and the confidence to get back on the court and do what I love! Ever since I met Ryan he’s been very supportive of my recovery journey. He actually cares about me, and that shows how committed he is in his work. I recommend Ryan 100%.

Jazzmin Parker – Professional Women’s Basketball