I initially went to see Pyramid Performance regarding running injuries that had niggled me for years, and started with a rehabilitation programme and running gait analysis to alter my running technique for injury prevention, which was all a success. I’m still with them for personal training over two years later because they really are the best team out there; you couldn’t ask for anymore up to date, relevant knowledge. I’m genuinely the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been which is exactly what I wanted to achieve my sporting goals and also for my manual labour job – win win! I also attended their group fitness classes last summer ran by Mary and they were hard work but great!! 100% recommend this great team.

Kate Islip-Price | Endurance Runner

Working with Ryan was a great experience. He helped me develop and improve my training habits tremendously. What Ryan has taught I’ve been able to carry over into my development as a professional athlete. His method of training focuses on the fundamental aspects while not compromising form and technique.

Derrick Mathews | Professional NFL