Orthotic Management of Sports Injuries

An Orthosis is an orthopaedic appliance used to support, align, prevent or correct deformities or to improve the function of moveable parts of the body. This includes custom insoles, ankle supports and knee braces, amongst other innovative solutions.

Eleanor Weinberg, of Total Orthotics, provides a wealth of orthotic services from our main centre in East Bridgford. Eleanor specialises in clinical management of foot, ankle and lower limb injuries, working with all clients from sportspeople with acute sports injuries to health-focused patients suffering from chronic lower limb issues.

Crucially, our specialist orthotic services are integrated into broader treatment solutions in order to optimise health and performance for the long term. This can include orthotic intervention in collaboration with our Sports Therapy/Rehab Specialists, S&C Coaches and Biomechanists as necessary. Taking a holistic approach to sports injury management is key to our philosophy at Pyramid Performance & Health.

Orthotic Assessment

An Orthotic Assessment consists of taking a comprehensive relevant medical history, looking at your activity levels and training patterns if relevant, a visual gait analysis, anatomical assessment and dynamic movement analysis. This information will then be used to diagnose the problem and prescribe the most appropriate insole or brace if necessary. 3D scans and advanced measurements can be taken during this time.

Clinical Orthotic Movement Analysis

This is a thorough, detailed movement assessment including video analysis specific to walking/running goals. In addition to everything involved in an Orthotic Assessment, additional time is spent evaluating your walking or running technique utilising the treadmill or walkway within clinic. Video footage is gathered to assist with diagnosis and treatment planning. 3D scans and measurements are also taken during this time.

Bespoke Orthotic Insoles

Using World-leading 3D scanning software, 3D images of your feet and legs are assessed and used for incredible precise insole design prescription. This technology enables highly accurate manufacture of custom insoles to your own personal clinical specification.

Whether it is 3D printed 8soles from 3D OrthoPro or an alternative leading supplier they are tailored to your specific needs and are suited to you and your life.

Joint Bracing

A detailed clinical Orthotic Assessment can find you the most appropriate brace to offload and support injured joints, including common ankle and knee issues. When incorporated into a complete rehabilitation programme including targeted strength and conditioning, we can help you return to sport and exercise sooner, with safety assurance and pain-relieving support.

Ligament Bracing

Carefully managed Orthotic bracing after a ligament strain or rupture can increase the rate of recovery by reducing the load through the affected tissue. They can also be used post operatively to protect it as you return to sport, in combination with appropriate strength training and manual therapy.

Ankle & Foot Orthoses

You can continue to lead an active life with an AFO for foot drop or for limb control, but you need the right device to allow this. A Clinical Orthotic Movement Analysis provides the opportunity to gather appropriate background information, including individual biomechanics and associated considerations, in order to discuss, measure/cast and prescribe the optimal orthosis for you. 

Contact us directly to discuss your individual needs and for advice on where to start.