Sports Therapy

Our Masters qualified Sports Therapist, Harry Hodgson, provides innovative, advanced therapies for all injuries and all ages/abilities, often combining appropriate treatments with progressive rehabilitation programmes when necessary to encourage an efficient return to sport/exercise.

Treatments are available for injuries/issues including ligament sprains, tears and ruptures, muscle strains, meniscus/cartilage issues, bursitis, tendon injuries, bone fractures/breaks and many more.

Sports therapy is provided in our completely private Rehabilitation Studio, fully equipped with sports massage room and exercise therapy area including World-class equipment and technology.

Following initial treatment, the ‘return to sport/exercise/health’ pathway is made available to you by working with one of our Rehabilitation/Strength & Conditioning Specialists best suited to you and your needs.

Pyramid Performance & Health provides the ultimate solution to avoid recurrence of injury-related issues for the long term.

Sports Massage

Muscle tension, strains and general soreness can be debilitating with regards to training, competition, work and daily life if left untouched. Stay on top of soft-tissue problems with effective sports massage, provided by our Masters qualified therapist, Harry Hodgson.

Managing musculoskeletal issues through soft-tissue therapy is an incredibly important part of any successful training or rehabilitation programme, whether it be for preventative purposes or for reducing existing pain and soreness.

Harry will work with you to address existing concerns, and often combine incredibly effective massage techniques with unique expertise in injury rehabilitation and pain management, providing a truly unique sports massage service intended to provide you with a long-term solution.

Contact us directly to discuss your individual needs and for advice on where to start.