Finding your ‘New Normal’

During a time like the present where normality is hard to find, it’s easy to fall into abnormal habits. These new habits may not take long to develop but can have a lasting effect when you try to return to a regular schedule. Whether you are working from home, have kids running through your house, or you are finding it hard to stay motivated, creating a structured routine can help keep you stay accountable and maintain a positive sense of normality. Find your ‘New Normal’.

Research has repeatedly shown having a routine can help in keeping anxiety and stress levels low, increase productivity, and help give a feeling of satisfaction and efficiency.

5 Tips to Structure Your Day:

1. Develop a weekly/daily schedule

A part of you may feel like you need those extra hours in bed but keep the time you go to sleep and wake up similar to your normal routine. Circadian rhythms are your body’s own way of setting internal routine. They depend on sleep time, wake time, meal times and more, and affect your mood, productivity and physical ability to exercise. Give your body the best chance to stay fit and healthy. Set out your day with a to do list. This list can contain times to complete your work, breaks, time for yourself, exercise, or things that you enjoy.

2. Designate a specific workplace

Sitting on the couch or in your bed with your favorite show in the background may sound appealing but this doesn’t help with productivity. The sense of achievement gained from being productive is crucial during unprecedented times like these to maintain a positive state of mind. Set up a workspace that suits you and your way of working, similar to that you are typically used to. Keep your space clear and organised, and get it done!

3. Plan and track what you eat

Keep yourself accountable for what you are putting into your body. One of the easiest things to do is eat when you are bored. To help keep yourself from snacking, start to write down what you eat or even download an app to track it. With more time available at home, now is your chance to hone in on those nutrition goals. Consider an online consultation with our Nutritionist, Sam Barrows, to get specific. Click here for more on our nutrition services.

4. Stay hydrated

If halfway through the day you are feeling more tired than usual, this could easily be due to dehydration. This is one of the easiest and simplest methods to refine a healthy routine. Have a glass of water or water bottle by your side throughout the day and plan on taking regular sips/drinks at specific times.

5. Dedicate training and relaxation time

Spending more time at home affords you more time than you ordinarily would to reach your goals. Create slots in your day to get outside for a walk, do that workout you have been putting off, or just spending time with your family. Fitness plays a crucial role in staying healthy both physically and mentally during uncertain times like these. Click here for information on our fantastic online programmes, lead by our specialists.

Stay productive, stay fit, stay healthy!

– Mary Cooper, Fitness & Rehabilitation Specialist – Pyramid Performance & Health

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