3 Last Minute Tips for the London Marathon

The Virgin Money London Marathon is this Sunday 23rd April 2017. Millions of training hours are under the belts of the close to 40,000 runners who will stand together ahead of the 26.2 miles of capital city tarmac. Runners will be treated to what are expected to be perfect weather conditions.

For most, simply receiving a medal for completing one of the World’s most famous marathons will be their greatest sporting achievement. Many will watch the clock obsessively, aiming to achieve personal bests and qualification times. A handful will be striving for the record books and ultimate recognition as world-class athletes. Whatever your motivation, the Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 promises to be an exhilarating, exhausting and enriching experience for all.

Your training is done. Your nutrition plan is sorted. You have your favourite shoes ready to go. You have your warm-up fine-tuned.

Or do you?


To get the most out of your performance on race day, consider these 3 TOP TIPS:


  1. Keep it simple!

Everyone is trying to tell you which magic supplement, super food, and tech gadget you MUST have. The fact is, normality will get you through. The time for NEW this and that has passed. Eat things you have eaten while training. Drink things you have drunk throughout training and in amounts you are familiar with. If necessary, take supplements you’ve used regularly before. Experimentation is a no-go on race day. Risk vs Reward. Give yourself the best chance of maximum reward by keeping risk of stomach upsets, blisters and uncertainty to a minimum.


  1. Warm-up effectively – RAMP up

R – Raise your heart rate first. Go for a fast walk/light jog to increase blood flow and muscle temperature.

A – Activate key muscles by consciously contracting your quads, glutes and core while doing small, simple movements such as slow sidestepping and squatting.

M – Mobilise key joints by doing short lunges in a slow, controlled manner with your chest up.

P – Posture prep by slowly marching with high knees, making yourself as tall as possible with your arms involved.

VIDEO – How to RAMP up for Running

  1. Maximise your sleep quality

High quality sleep means an undisturbed, deep slumber. Everyone knows they need it, but how? Minimise ‘screen time’ before bed. Don’t drift off after scanning through Facebook. If you watch television to help you relax, allow yourself a period of perhaps 30 mins before settling down to sleep. Remove any possible distractions before bed, but don’t forget to set your alarm for breakfast!


Follow these 3 simple tips and enjoy your most successful marathon to date.

Good luck!

by Ryan Spencer, Director of Performance & Health


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