Introducing the AlterG® Via Anti-Gravity Treadmill® to our suite of specialist services from Pyramid Performance & Health, in partnership with Oakwood Physiotherapy. Available exclusively at Oakwood Wellness Centre in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, we are one of the only locations in the UK offering use of the newest AlterG® technology.


AlterG® are the world’s leading provider of anti-gravity treadmills and are used by selected specialists worldwide for advanced injury rehabilitation and performance training. Using NASA-developed technology, the Via allows users to run with minimal impact, load and stress. This allows for maintenance of fitness when injured or impact-reduced training which would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

The all-new AlterG® Via additionally uses integrated Stride Smart Technology to give real time biomechanical feedback to the client whilst allowing them to run or walk naturally at their desired speed with reduced levels of body weight offering low impact, pain-free movement. The system provides simplified visual feedback on step symmetry, cadence, stride length and weight distribution through each leg with recordable pain levels.

Patients returning from surgery or anyone wanting to reduce impact through their joints can now run or walk for extended periods of time without the pain associated with repeated joint loading.

Following an Initial Setup session, which includes a comprehensive biomechanical gait analysis to ensure your training on the AlterG® Via Anti-Gravity Treadmill® is optimised, session packages are available at significantly discounted rates to allow for frequent use.

All booking is via Oakwood Wellness Centre. You can book online by clicking below, or by phone on: 01949 831648